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FCS repairs and remanufactures products using the Industry's leading specifications and standards. All products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the client's equipment needs.


At Flow Control Services we provide the knowledge and expertise to focus on troubleshooting, repairing, remanufacturing and/or performing diagnostic testing on all brands and all models of production valves for the Oil & Gas Industry.  We provide Sales, Repair & Remanufacturing Services.  We take pride in our specialty: 


The Flow Control reconditioning process:

We completely disassemble, tear down, inspect, repair, machine, weld, replace any needed part with comparable ones manufactured to industry specifications, reassemble to industry requirements and standards, and finalize the process by testing our repaired product to all necessary ANSI, MSS, ASME, or any other codes required of us.

We follow the above-mentioned procedures and reconditioning processes, every time, regardless of equipment size, type, manufacturer, pressure rating, or any other conforming or non-conforming specialties of any product that has been operating within the oil & gas industry either domestically or internationally.


Basically, NO JOB is either too small or too large for us to process here at Flow Control Services.


Some of the equipment we work with...

For more Information about Brands and Equipment types we service ...

Our craft


Some of the other brands we service...

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FCS is an authorized representative


Remanufacturer of Fisher® Control Valves & Instrumentation with emphasis on Fisher® Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuators, Sliding Stem & Rotary Control Valves, Pneumatic & Electronic Instrumentation, and Fisher® Pressure Regulators.

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TWO Year Warranty on

ALL Remanufactured Products

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